Anne Kornblut

Director of New Initiatives and News Partnerships, Facebook

Anne Kornblut is Director of New Initiatives and News Partnerships for Facebook. She is a former Deputy Assistant Managing Editor for National News at The Washington Post, and was a reporter for The New York Times, Boston Globe and New York Daily News.


We see ourselves as hopefully being a good partner where we can be. One of the things we know is that people really like local news, and not everybody may want to read hard political news, but people really, across segments of the Facebook population, people really, really like their local news. And I believe that’s true on and off Facebook. And so, it’s important to us that there is local news. It’s also, I mean honestly, it’s just something that we as a company believe in. News in general, and local news specifically, because we’re so invested in the idea of community and helping people build community.

We heard them talk about how their traffic actually has grown to the point where it exceeds the population of Berkeley, which is their constituency. They have a large following, and it's not all people who live in Berkeley.