Karen Andreas

Regional Publisher, North of Boston Media Group (CNHI)

Karen Andreas is Regional Publisher of the North of Boston Media Group, which is owned by CNHI. Before that, she was an executive at the Salem News and the Eagle Tribune, both in Massachusetts.


We’re really always looking for new things, but not a shiny object. We want to make sure that if we are going to try a new project, that it makes sense for our readership, that it makes sense for the staff time, and that the return on investment is there.

Always, we want to figure it out beforehand, of course, to make sure we’re not wasting our time. But it’s not always perfect. Sometimes we’ll launch something and have a pretty good run and then it runs its course and it’s time to try something else. So we run a P and L (profit and loss) on every single product that we do, whether it’s a small health special section, or a large breast cancer awareness project. We really look at different metrics for it. What kind of revenue did we get from it, what kind of expense do we have, what’s the readership value, what was the profit and should we do it again? So we’re constantly measuring ourselves that way. We want to make sure it's incredibly high quality, that it has a lot of reader and advertising value. If it doesn’t, we will say, ‘Eh, you know, I’m out. That one maybe didn’t work out so well, let’s cut that and try something different.’

I always say when the phone stops ringing, that’s when we’re in trouble. So the more interaction you have with the community, the better. So I really try to stay involved in the community and our editors do as well.