Kelly Landeen

Vice President and General Manager, WAGM

Kelly Landeen is Vice President and General Manager of television station WAGM in Maine. She has been with the station for more than 25 years.


(The broadcast side) has been flat ... it rises just a bit each year, but not the growth that any industry wants. So digital is definitely the best partner for broadcast and it has brought the growth that we have been looking for.

We’re finding production is another revenue stream that we have that is growing because we will have different formats that we’ll do. Like, we’ll do recruitment videos instead of just commercial production.

The station is now on Roku and Amazon and stuff like that. So it gives them the opportunity because … we’re finding a lot of the younger people do not have cable or dish. So their viewing habits are different than older people and they are more instant. They don’t do — how do they call it — appointment TV. They don’t sit down at 8 o’clock to watch a particular show.