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  • How the Medill Media Industry Survey Was Conducted

    The Medill Media Industry Survey, conducted online from Nov. 30 to Dec. 28, 2020, measured the opinions of 1,387 people in the U.S. news business. The survey was run by Associate Professor Stephanie Edgerly of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications. Providing logistical support was Medill Senior Associate Dean Tim Franklin, who is the John M. Mutz Chair in Local News and leads the Medill Local News Initiative. Medill used Cision,...

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  • WATCH Newstown: Medill Professor’s Documentary on the Closing of the Youngstown Vindicator

    When Northwestern University professor and video journalist Craig Duff heard that the 150-year-old Youngstown Vindicator was closing, he resolved to go back to the area where he grew up in northeast Ohio and document how the community was coping with the loss of its newspaper. What the veteran of CNN, and The New York Times learned is that people from inside and outside of Youngstown were determined to take action to keep the public...

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  • What We’ve Learned About News Consumer Behavior: 5 Videos

    Northwestern University’s Spiegel Research Center is conducting groundbreaking research using large data sets on consumer behavior. Spiegel’s study of 13 terabytes of data from the Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle and Indianapolis Star has been one of the major achievements of the Medill Local News initiative, which was formed in the Spring of 2018 to help the news industry find financial sustainability. Spiegel is part of Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications....

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  • Focusing: Why the Chicago Defender Went Digital-Only

    The Chicago Defender, a highly influential black newspaper founded in 1905, announced in July 2019 that it would go online-only because of dwindling print circulation. The Defender was a key driver of the Great Migration, telling Southern blacks about opportunities in the North. It was also strong on such stories as the murder of Emmett Till and the election of Harold Washington as Chicago’s first African American mayor. While there is robust journalism taking place in...

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  • Diversifying: How a Newspaper Publisher Branched Out

    Penny Muse Abernathy, a professor and the Knight Chair in Journalism and Digital Media Economics at the University of North Carolina, has done groundbreaking work both documenting the rise of “news deserts” and developing sustainable business models for local news organizations. She shared a noteworthy example of diversification in her interview with the Medill Local News Initiative’s News Leaders Project. Here’s that account: With newspaper print advertising at historic lows, publishers of local newspapers, regardless of...

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  • Global Seminar on Local News: Videos of the Sessions Medill and Germany’s Adenauer Foundation Highlight Journalists’ Challenges Worldwide

    Here are videos from June 25, 2019, sessions of the Global Seminar on Local News, co-sponsored by Northwestern University’s Medill Local News Initiative and Germany’s Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung USA foundation. The sessions were held at Medill’s facility in downtown Chicago. Part 1: The state of play for local news in the U.S. and abroad, with data on audience behaviors and attitudes. Speakers/panelists: Tim Franklin, Amy Mitchell, Joy Jenkins, Ed Malthouse, Idalmy Carrera-Colucci, Pana Janviroj Part 2: How...

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  • Medill’s Subscriber Data Analysis: How We Reached Conclusions

    The Spiegel Research Center at Northwestern University analyzed 13 terabytes of data from the Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle and Indianapolis Star for its study, which was conducted in the fall of 2018 as part of the Medill Local News Initiative. Data scientists at Spiegel integrated audience data and subscriber information from each of the three news organizations. This allowed researchers to trace anonymized, individual behaviors of people who kept and cancelled digital subscriptions. This cross-platform data integration...

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  • 3 Takeaways on Medill’s Subscriber Data Analysis

    As local news outlets find their advertising model faltering, earning revenue from readers has emerged as a more promising path to sustainability. That’s why a Northwestern University study takes a new approach: Instead of focusing on the page-view metrics common in an ad-based model, this research tracks what keeps subscribers paying. The study, part of the Medill Local News Initiative at the Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications, has crunched 13 terabytes of...

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  • The Local News Challenge and You

    America has seen a dramatic decline in coverage of local news. The digital revolution has massively disrupted the business model for local news. Many news organizations are slashing their staffs. Others are closing altogether, creating a widening sea of “news deserts.” Why does it matter? A self-governed democracy needs an informed citizenry. Local news is the oxygen for engaged communities that enrich our everyday lives. The crisis in local news is deepening, but there are...

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